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 Sist oppdatert: 26. mai 2016


Final Event in the Baltic Biogas Bus EU-Project


Hog Energi has the great pleasure on behalf of the Baltic Biogas Bus project, to wish authorities from government, business representatives, project partners and conference participants a warm welcome to the beautiful city of Bergen.

The Baltic Biogas Bus Project is a 3 year project ending in 2012. The project is partly funded by the EU and seeks to encourage cities and regions around the Baltic Sea and Norway to use biogas as a fuel for public transport.

Biogas is the cleanest commercially available fuel, it is renewable, effective and also economically feasible to implement in city buses.

Under the title of Biogas – The natural choice for city buses, the final event of the project introduces a program featuring four sessions:

Session 1: Setting the scene: Environmental Policy
Session 2: Resources, Production & Infrastructure
Session 3: Use in Buses
Session 4: “Looking at the future: results and achievements”

The sessions are put into the context of the strategies, policies, instruments and the economics that will make biogas a reality in the transport sector for the future.
Target groups for this conference are politicians, bureaucrats, transport representatives dealing with transport and environmental issues on local, regional, national and EU level, as well as companies across the biogas and bus manufacturing value chain.

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 Read the program in the Final Event Brochure